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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Mickey Mouse

I just finished this CUTE design from Mickey & Friends by Leisure Arts (c) 1999 p. 27.  This was done on 14 ct. White Aida 2 over 1. 

This will fit perfectly in a 4x4 frame.  Although I'm having a hard time trying to find this size frame.  If anyone has any ideas where to go....let me know.  Thanks!


  1. This is so cute. I have done some of this size of Pooh & characters as refrigerator magnets & cards. It's your choice. Enjoy!

  2. Cute finish. Congrats.
    Can't help you with the frame because I'm living in Australia. Here I found a site where I can buy custom made frames for any desired size. I assume there is something like that in your country too.

    Oh.... Why don't you make a flatfold of it? That's a selfmade free standing finish and reasonable easy to do. Meari has a tutorial on her blog if I'm not mistaken

  3. Hi Gabi, A flatfold is a great idea! I will definately check out Meari's tutorial. Thank you!

  4. have you tried a second hand store?? I find all sorts of frames there. They always have lots of framed pictures, and they are dirt cheap. SOmetimes I have to repaint the frame, but hey when you get the frame for .50$ That is okay.